Devine Police Report Nov. 27-Dec. 3

Nov. 27
12:55 PM – Driver hit fence in the 300 block of Allman Dr. to avoid a head-on collision with a vehicle in his lane.
2:25 PM – Officers assisted the Medina County Sheriff’s Department with a traffic stop on IH-35 SB resulting in a warrant service on a male subject.
5:15 PM – Complainant reported a suspicious vehicle in parking lot in the 500 block of S. Teel Dr. It was a black SUV possibly engaging in criminal activity; unable to locate.
7:00 PM – Lawn equipment in the middle of the roadway on FM 3176. Officer moved equipment off the road, and MCSO took the equipment to the sheriff’s office.
7:15 PM – Complainant in the 600 block of Rossville Rd. reported someone at his neighbor’s property; all was okay.
Nov. 28
1:47 AM – Officer responded to the 500 block of W. Hondo Ave. in reference to a side door alarm. The building was secure; all was okay.
8:33 AM – Officer made contact with a manager in the 600 block of E. Hondo Ave. The manager stated everything was okay, the restaurant was just open earlier.
9:45 AM – Officer assisted EMS in the 100 block of N. Sayers Ave. with a 7-month-old having difficulty breathing. All was okay; the baby was stable.
2:26 PM – Flooding by the train overpass on Hwy. 132. TxDot was notified and the road was closed off.
7:10 PM – A male subject was cited and released for theft and ticket switching at Walmart.
Nov. 29
2:28 AM – Complainant in the 500 block of Fullerton reported a dog barking and people possibly in the area.
3:04 AM – Minor crash on FM 463.
3:18 AM – Report of a female on location in the 400 block of Hickory Hwy. who was possibly under the influence. Subject departed prior to officer’s arrival.
3:48 AM – Stop sign in the 300 block of N. Sayers Dr. knocked down. On-call worker notified.
11:41 AM – Officer dispatched to IH-35 SB in reference to a red 18-wheeler passing traffic on the shoulder; unable to locate.
1:46 PM – Complainant in the 300 block of W. Moore Ave. did not want her husband on location. Both parties advised it was a civil matter until divorce was completed. Both parties advised to stay away from each other.
2:12 PM – A female subject was cited and released for theft from Walmart.
Nov. 30
12:16 AM – Complainant requested assistance with loose livestock on IH-35 NB. The livestock was pushed onto Gusville property.
12:40 PM – Complainant in the 300 block of DuBose Dr. reported a male subject walking around the neighborhood asking about solar energy panels. Officer made contact with the male subject and advised him to obtain a solicitor’s permit.
3:42 PM – Electric line touching tree limb in the 600 block of Webb Ave. AEP notified.
4:50 PM – Two semis and truck pulling a trailer in the 400 block of Benton Ave.
6:39 PM – Officers dispatched to Rosewood in reference to a female walking around appearing disoriented. Officers made contact with female with a speech impediment who lives in the area; all was okay.
6:42 PM – Black truck driving recklessly on IH-35; unable to locate.
Dec. 1
9:30 AM – Truck tractor parked on part of City easment in the 400 block of E. Hondo Ave. Subject issued a warning.
10:12 AM – Complainant in the 400 block of Wedgewood Way has a temporary protective order and has evidence that her ex-boyfriend has violated the order and she wishes to file charges.
11:40 AM – Traffic lights not working properly on College; TxDot notified.
12:18 PM – Complainant in the 500 block of Wedgewood Way requested an officer in reference to a civil matter. Complainant paid for vehicle repair work that has not been completed. No one at residence upon officer’s arrival.
1:28 PM – Report of an oil spill at the intersection of Hayden. Devine Fire was notified.
2:22 PM – Officer dispatched to the 100 block of Oak Hill Dr. in reference to a male and female on corner. Officer made location and family will be leaving town.
6:40 PM – Officer dispatched to IH-35 SB in reference to an 18-wheeler disabled on the side of the roadway. Semi was able to continue SB; all was okay.
11:28 PM – Report of a white cow near the roadway on IH-35 NB; unable to locate.
Dec. 2
10:04 AM – Complainant advised there is construction near the stop sign on FM 3176 and she had trouble seeing for oncoming traffic. Officer made location; everything was okay.
12:51 PM – Officer assisted EMS with a 16-year-old female having seizures at Devine High School. Subject was transferred to Christus Santa Rosa.
4:06 PM – Complainant on IH-35 SB reported a truck pulling a trailer with three engines on top with one that appeared unsecured. Deputy made contact with driver just south of the Hwy. 173 exit.
Dec. 3
7:50 AM – Report of what appeared to be a young female walking in the medina on IH-35 NB. Subject was located in city at mile marker 122 and given a courtesy ride to convenience store.
2:20 PM – Male walking door to door in the 300 block of Lorraine Dr. talking about vacuums. Officer made contact and advised of obtaining permits.
3:03 PM – Report of three suspicious persons going door to door in the 400 block of W. Coker Ave.
3:22 PM – Three individual in the 500 block of W. Coker Ave. were selling vacuums and were advised to obtain permits.
6:06 PM – Officer waited for towing company on IH-35 NB while DPS took a suspicious person for intoxication.
6:29 PM – Complainant in the 100 block of IH-35 S. was assaulted by an acquaintance. The offender departed location before officer arrived.
6:52 PM – Complainant in the 400 block of CR 7718 advised she was assaulted by her boyfriend in Lytle, then in vehicle in Devine. Complainant did not want to press charges at this time. Statement forms issued.
7:51 PM – Officers dispatched to the 700 block of N. Teel Dr. in reference to a white van that had been on location all day. Advised management would have to call wrecker if they wanted the van removed.