Devine Police Report Aug. 23-29

Aug. 23
9:08 PM – Verbal disturbance between two male subjects in the 100 block of LC Martin Dr. Parties agreed to separate.
Aug. 24
4:05 PM – Complainant in the 300 block of CR 767 reported two damaged locks.
7:45 PM – Officer dispatched to the 100 block of Oak Hill Dr. in reference to vehicles causing a traffic hazard. All was okay.
10:36 PM – Complainant in the 200 block of W. Moore Ave. believed someone was trespassing.
Aug. 25
12:55 AM – Officers dispatched to the 100 block of LC Martin Dr. in reference to a possible disturbance in one of the apartments. Officers made contact with the subjects, who advised everything was fine. No disturbance.
1:20 PM – Complainant reported two female subjects arguing in the 100 block of N. Commercial Dr. All was fine when officers arrived on scene. One subject was given a ride to Country Corner Inn.
3:00 PM – Officers dispatched to Oak Hill Dr. in reference to 18-wheelers blocking the road. The 18-wheelers were moved off the roadway.
Aug. 26
12:02 AM – Complainant reported a male subject in the 700 block of Gutierrez was causing problems. Subject left prior to officer’s arrival.
3:53 PM – Complainant in the 600 block of Davis Ave. advised several items had been taken from her home. Forced entry was observed, and electronics were stolen.
9:00 PM – Complainant advised that he could see fire on O’Neal Dr. Area searched; unable to locate.
11:58 PM – Complainant in the 100 block of W. College Ave. advised a green Lincoln Navigator pulled up to his driveway and was driving slowly away. The occupants were playing Pokemon and were instructed to not pull up to residences.
Aug. 27
3:15 AM – An adult male subject in the 200 block of W. Moore Ave. was placed under an emergency detention and transported to the Nix Behavioral Health unit.
6:09 AM – Complainant in the 400 block of E. Hondo Ave. reported a male wearing a maroon shirt, blue jeans, and a black hat was pacing back and forth. The complainant wanted him checked out. The subject was ID’d as a resident of Heritage.
9:07 AM – Complainant reported a vehicle was broken into on Aug. 22 during a scrimmage.
4:34 PM – Officer dispatched to Food King in reference to an irate customer.
Aug. 28
10:21 AM – Complainant advised two male subjects were taking items overnight at Food King’s gas pumps.
11:30 AM – Two juvenile subjects were now wards of the Texas Department of Family Protective Services and their mother refused to give up their location.
11:50 AM – Complainant advised unknown person(s) have been taking gasoline out of their parked cars and yard equipment.
12:15 PM – Officer was advised AT&T had a power line down on King Ave. AT&T was notified. AT&T later called back and stated it was a cable line. CommZoom was notified.
3:00 PM – Complainant in the 300 block of N. Commercial Dr. reported a male subject was seen outside the backyard and stated the subject was possibly cooking drugs. Officers patrolled the area; unable to locate.
5:05 PM – Complainant in the 600 block of W. Davis Ave. advised her son was having a verbal altercation with family. The individual left prior to officers’ arrival; all was okay.
5:20 PM – Officers dispatched to the 600 block of W. Hondo Ave. in reference to debris with nails in the middle of the roadway. The debris was removed from the road.
Aug. 29
1:18 AM – Officer observed a vehicle blacked out on IH-35 SB where the roadway dead ends. When occupants observed the patrol vehicle, they started to leave. Officer conducted a stop on the vehicle and ID’d the occupants; all was okay.
11:05 AM – Complainant in the 400 block of Mockingbird Ln. reported a scam call from the “Social Security Administration” from 877-512-3859.
11:24 AM – Complainant in the 700 block of Rosemary reported a vehicle was parked in her driveway and had blocked her from leaving the residence.
11:30 AM – 911 call made by a male subject stating he had been following a green Taurus from San Antonio that belongs to his neighbor and that he thinks was stolen. Unable to locate.
11:45 AM – Caller in the 100 block of S. Teel Dr. advised a male and female were arguing. Unable to locate.
1:20 PM – Possible blue vehicle occurred damage while parked in the grass area near the football practice field. School Resource Officer will be reviewing video.
1:49 PM – A white female in Food King took items valued at $40.00. When asked to return the items, she agreed; all was okay.
6:10 PM – Complainant advised that another vehicle was following him, possibly from an incident that occurred, just north of Devine on Hwy. 173. Complainant wanted documentation.