Devine Police Report April 13-20

April 13
9:15 PM – Male subject stopped for DWLI. Cited and released.
April 14
2:35 AM – Male subject in 200 block of Colonial Parkway jailed for possession of marijuana and controlled substance cocaine.
2:35 AM – Subject stopped in 200 block of Colonial Parkway for open container. Citation given.
12:01 PM – Received call regarding vehicle traveling at 100 MPH coming into Devine. Unable to locate.
6:30 PM – Complainant in 300 block of Teel Drive wanted documentation that her ex did not show for child custody exchange.
8:36 PM – Responded to alarm in 500 block of Jack Nicklaus. Everything secure.
April 15
3:18 AM – Received call regarding blue Chevy pickup speeding and swerving at IH 35 SB/MM 126. Unable to locate.
1:52 PM – Assisted EMS in 300 block of St. Hwy 132 N.
6:25 PM – Female subject stopped for DWLI in 100 block of IH 35 S. Cited and released.
10:20 PM – Male subject stopped in 1100 block of Windy Knoll Dr. N for possession of drug paraphernalia. Cited and released.
11:27 PM – Devine units requested to set up at FM 1343 and St. Hwy. 173 and deploy spikes on vehicle that was evading officers. Devine units were canceled before making it to FM 1343 because officers had the vehicle stopped and driver in custody.
April 16
1:03 AM – Male subject stopped in 500 block of Teel Drive N for DWLI. Cited and released
5:35 AM – Escort AMR Frio Co. to the Devine Airport.
2:32 PM – Female subject in 100 block of Hondo Ave. appeared to be disoriented. Transported by EMS.
7:58 PM – Female stopped in 200 block of Wilson Dr. for possession of drug paraphernalia and CS PG 1. Cited and released. Filing at large at a later date.
8:55 PM – Responded to call in 300 block of Briscoe Ave. for female who had passed out, unknown if breathing. Performed CPR and pronounced deceased by JP Montgomery at 9:45 PM.
April 17
10:46 AM – Complainant spoke with officer regarding a male subject calling her and making threats regarding her daughter harassing him.
3:17 PM – Provided patient with a ride back to Heritage Residential Care Center.
3:44 PM – Complainant concerned about a family member.
5:03 PM – Iphone Plus turned in along with ID card and debit card; property returned to owner.
12:20 PM – Received complaint regarding lights at impound lot. Patrolled area – all clear.
April 18
5:13 AM – Alarm at Food King for front door. Located opened door, keyholder arrived on location and secured door.
9:43 AM – Reported 18 wheeler parked with drive r on phone blocking traffic on Rossville. Vehicle had departed when officer arrived.
10:42 AM – Received call regarding mail scam at Walmart.
4:00 PM – Complainant in 500 block of Hayden spoke to officer regarding a threatening letter her daughter received in the mail from another student.
11:59 PM – Assisted DPS with vehicle whose driver and passenger were intoxicated. Due to two dogs in vehicle did not want to call tow truck so requesting assistance driving vehicle to location where an individual from San Antonio was coming to pick them up.
3:50 PM – Complainant advised observed two males possibly cutting lock and going onto property. Officer made scene and observed the lock had not been cut. Left message for property owner.
April 19
10:14 AM – Received call regarding female subject that was possibly missing and did not show up for work. Female later located at Bexar County Jail.
1:05 PM – Officer called referencing letter left in student’s mailbox; letter left with principal.
3:00 PM – Complainant in 800 block of Flores Dr. spoke with officer regarding 12 year old son experiencing behavior problems.
3:19 PM – Female complainant reported that she had received a vehicle in a divorce settlement and requested an officer make location and standby while complainant inquired about her vehicle.
6:52 PM – Received call about subject causing problems with employees. Officer made contact and advised subject that the business wanted him to leave the premises, subject departed.
9:09 PM – Officer responded to 600 block of Mockingbird Lane for a verbal disturbance between an adult son and his parent.
9:50 PM – Received call regarding a grey F150 swerving on IH 35 NB at MM 118, unable to locate.
11:55 PM – Received call regarding a suspicious yellow car in the 500 block of Corley Drive. Checked area but unable to locate.
April 20
1:00 PM – Two municipal warrants served on female subject in 800 block of Flores Drive.
1:58 PM – Complainant advised that an unknown person had used their Exxon card (possible fraud), referred to MCSO.
2:03 PM – Complainant advised an account was opened at a bank in San Antonio on Old Pearsall Road with his identifiers in the amount of $250. PD is checking into this matter with the bank.
2:19 PM – Complainant with the Polk County DA’s office attempted to locate a witness at their last known address in the 300 block of Bright Drive S.
3:08 PM – Complainant in 200 block of Upson Drive spoke with the officer regarding being harassed.
8:40 PM – Complainant in 600 block of Webb Ave spoke with officer regarding comments he received on Facebook.
April 20
8:40 PM – Provided ride back to Heritage Residential Care Center for subject.
9:45 PM – Complainant advised a Heritage patient was knocking on their door, gave courtesy ride.
11:30 PM – Male subject in 200 block of College Ave. stopped for a traffic violation – DWLI, cited and released. Passenger in vehicle cited for open container and released.