Devine ISD to conduct a public hearing March 29 for becoming designated as a District of Innovation

The Devine Independent School District will conduct a public hearing for becoming designated as a District of Innovation on Tuesday, March 29, 2022, as part of a special called meeting of the Devine ISD Board of Trustees. The meeting will be held at the Devine Student Activity Center at 7 p.m.
Passed by the 84th Legislature, HB 1842 provides traditional ISDs with the opportunity to design an innovation plan according to the needs and resources of districts by granting most of the flexibilities available to Texas Open Enrollment Charter Schools. To access the flexibilities of HB 1842, Devine ISD must adopt an Innovation Plan, as set forth in Texas Education Code, Chapter 12A.
Essentially, innovation plans are about local control. Districts pursue DOI designation for different reasons. The experiences of other school districts have been informative in the creation of our plan, but no one plan can directly relate to the purpose or progress of Devine ISD. The Devine ISD District of Innovation plan will be unique to our school district, addressing the following areas: Academic Calendar; Probationary Contracts; Teacher Certifications; Discipline – Campus Behavior Coordinators; and District Educational Improvement Committee – DOI Committee.

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