Devine ISD teachers and staff parade around town waving hi to students

Stay home, stay safe is what’s being asked of families everywhere to help flatten the curve of the COVID-19 pandemic, and Devine ISD just like the rest of Texas schools are adhering to the guidelines and coming up with ways to reach out to their students online, with packets, and with parades around town in their vehicles up and down the neighborhoods to let kids know they care and miss them! Each teacher made homemade signs of cheer and encouragement, waved, honked their horns, played music, and shouted lots of “I miss you”.  Many of the cars said, “We love you and miss you”, others said things like “stay strong”, “don’t forget to read”, “remember the Alamo and your teachers”, “wash your hands”, “spread kindness”, “stay positive”, “you are loved more than you know”, “we know this is hard but we will get through this and come out stonger”!

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Kids of all ages sat in or on their cars or in chairs in their front lawns with their families waving, and smiling at all the teachers as they drove by honking and waving. The kids love spotting all the familiar teachers and letting their parents or siblings know.

“Our teachers and staff truly love our students as if they are our own!” said Todd Grandjean, Devine ISD Superintendent. “Not being able to interact in person with their students has an emotional impact on everyone, and I’m really excited that teachers and students had the opportunity to make contact from a distance. With horns honking, waving from everyone, and a ton of smiles, I think it was a chance for everybody to say- we love you, we miss you, and we’re going to get through this together!”

Devine Middle School Principal Kandi Darnell and her teachers and staff were the first to take to the streets to spread some cheer and positive thoughts to their students. DMS parade took off from the middle school at 1:00 p.m. Principal Darnell led the procession with Superintendent Grandjean and Asst. Daryl Wendyl bringing up the end.

On Monday, March 30 the Devine Intermediate and Ciavarra Elementary teachers and staff did the parade around town. Some places like the city park on Windy Knoll had lines of cars awaiting anxiously for their favorites to arrive.

It was a fun time for all involved and as Canton Urrabazo displayed on his sign, “So over being home schooled!”

I’m not exactly sure who had the most fun, I kinda think it was the teachers, staff and administrators. But then again, the kids did enjoy a break from their home studies and getting out of the house on the beautiful day for a short time by using their new social distancing rules.

Devine ISD’s last day of instruction in class was on March 6 before Spring Break started. They extended their week long spring break by one day, and then the rest of that week. Schools are all out now until the end of April.

If you missed the parades look online at and click on the photo tab and go to community events.

By K.K.Calame


The Devine News

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