20 COVID tests sent off from county, not including locals tested in SA

Local leaders are growing more and more anxious as they wait on results from several residents who are being tested for COVID-19.

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“Local hospital and clinics in Medina County have sent off around 20 COVID-19 tests so far,” Medina County Emergency Manager Keith Lutz said. “However that number only includes the tests that were done locally. We will not know the number of local people who went to San Antonio to be tested. We will only know if they are a confirmed positive.”

“We thought we would have some answers by now, from COVID tests that have been sent off, but now we are hearing rumblings of some of those results coming back Wednesday possibly,” Lutz adds.

“In one case, we have had to wait 14 days for a test to come back,” Lutz said. “All we can do is hope that those people who are waiting for results are choosing to be careful and self-quarantine. Other tests have come back within a couple of days. It just depends on how overloaded the testing centers are when the test is submitted. It’s easy to second guess the system, but I can’t even imagine what it’s like to be in those testing labs right now.”

Everyone is seeking more information about where cases are located, but local officials are many times in the dark until a positive case is identified and the state conducts their investigation.

“The thing that people don’t realize is–until we have a confirmed case–we don’t even have information about who is being tested or what area they are from. We don’t get that information until someone tests positive, and then that’s when the state( DSHS Region 8) will come in and do an investigation.  So that’s why we keep emphasizing the key is to stay home if you can and if you are sick, please do not go to work. We just need to be treating everyone like they have it.”

We made the comparison to that old saying, “Treat every gun like it’s loaded.”

“Because that’s the truth–we don’t know who has it, and what worries me the most are people walking around without any symptoms who have no idea they have it and are spreading it long before they ever know they have it. It can be 14 days before they have any symptoms.”

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