Devine Food Pantry ministry looking for sources of fresh produce and meat

Greetings!  The Devine Food Pantry Ministry is looking for sources of fresh produce and meat so that we can more consistently provide for our clients.  We are so grateful for the local stores that give us these things, but it can be up and down in what we receive.  If we had a source where we could buy in bulk, it would add wonderfully to what we already receive.  And we would be prepared for occasions when the stores do not have very much to give us.  We believe our clients can be better served if we could obtain regular sources of produce and meat.

Having been BLESSED with continuing financial contributions, we are ready now to spend more of this precious money.  We also want to remind everyone who has or will donate that YOU have a part in providing for people in our community who are in need.  God will see to it that you get the same reward as those who give out the food at the Devine Food Pantry Ministry.

If you know of any sources for these food items, please contact our Operations Manager, Shirley Crouse at 830-444-9797.   Please text her first and she will call you back.  God BLESS you.

By Karen Crump

Devine Food Pantry

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