Devine FCCLA students Statebound!

Devine FCCLA students Statebound!
This February the Regional FCCLA conference was held in Corpus Christi, TX. Out of the 1,800 students in attendance, 15 students represented Devine. Our regional officers put on a great show with this year’s circus theme, Come One, Come All. Congratulations to all of the FCCLA STAR Event participants! All teams will be advancing to the State level of competition in Dallas on April 4-6th.
The following is a little bit about each student and the projects they’ve been working on:
2nd Place Interpersonal Communication Sr.- “Teen Suicide” program by Amanda Byrd and Jamie Courtade
“Amanda Byrd and Jamie Courtade successfully met their goals and feel the 160 students were positively impacted by their project. Our main concern is to inform high school students about the effects of teen suicide, causes, and treatment. They plan to continue our project to reach more students in the spring. By informing the youth and getting the word out, we can spread awareness of suicide, its causes, and may even save a life!”

1st Place National Programs in Action Sr. “Tame the Shame” by Rosa Gonzales, Dulce Rodriguez and Ismael Vera
“Rosa Gonzales, Dulce Rodriguez and Ismael Vera’s project focused on being resilient and empowering teens to live in ways that build emotional health. We are continuing our project this semester by teaming up with our Journalism department to create a short video of complementing random people in our school. These videos will be displayed on TVs throughout our campus. We feel we have impacted DHS teen’s lifestyles to understand how to just be you and “Tame the Shame.””

1st Place Entrepreneurship Sr. “Farmhaus Café and Bakery” by Abby Kohlleppel

“Working on this project has been a labor of love that has left enthusiasm for a career in the restaurant industry, as I plan to open a café and bakery in the future. This project allowed me to call, research and visit many places while creating a detailed business plan. I learned how to manage budgets, about worker’s benefits, personnel skills, and the hectic, but rewarding life of a business woman. This project was very eye-opening to me because I thought a business would be easy to achieve. Throughout the careful planning and consideration, I am now aware of the financial situations and the amount of brain power running a business takes.”

2nd Place Illustrated Talk Sr. “Giving Back with a Pack” by Caitlyn Breiten and JoJo Villanueva
“Sophomores Caitlyn Breiten and JoJo Villanueva chose to help out the homeless community with their project, “Giving Back with a Pack”. The purpose of their project was to easily distribute brown paper sacks filled with hygienic necessities, as well as a small snack, to any homeless individual in the San Antonio area in hopes to bring joy to the homeless community just in time for the holidays. The girls held a “drive” at the high school and middle school campuses to get the necessities for their bags. The campuses came through with over 1,000 products donated. Caitlyn and JoJo donated the packs created from the donations over the holiday break.”

1st Place Illustrated Talk Jr. “Live Happily without Cavities” by Kelli Geyer, Karma Herring, and Kendall Marek
“Freshman Kelli Geyer, Karma Herring, and Kendall Marek’s projects focused on younger students learning the importance of oral health and to educate them on which foods will benefit or harm their teeth. They plan to continue their project at a local day care.”

Each team plans to continue their projects to reach more individuals before the State meeting. Amy Bailey and Charlize Benavidez earned a spot on the officer team for the 2019-2020 school year. This will be their 3rd year to represent Devine as Region Officers, their new positions are: Amy Bailey- VP of Achievement and Charlize Benavidez- VP of Correspondence. We appreciate the ongoing support from the community and teachers that promote greater confidence and leadership skills in our members, Thank you!