Devine City Council appoints Parks Board

An ordinance creating a Parks Advisory Board was formally adopted and five residents were appointed as the inaugural board members at a Special meeting of the Devine City Council held Monday, August 28.
Council members David Valdez, Steve Lopez, David Espinosa, Kathy Wilkins, and Cory Thompson each nominated a representative from their respective district, and the Council as a whole voted to confirm the nominees.
Those appointed to the Parks Board were Albert Garza, District 1; Linda Gunn, District 2; Mary Cadenhead Allison, District 3; Jennifer Schott, District 4; and Debra Randall, District 5.
Public Works Director Ismael Carrillo and Public Works Superintendent Rob Flores will also be part of the board, providing information and input, but will not be voting members.
The Parks Board will develop and recommend parks and recreation priorities and policies to the City Council.
As is the case with the Library Board, Airport Advisory Board, and the Planning and Zoning Commission, Council can choose whether or not to follow recommendations from the Parks Board, and makes the final decision on City issues.
In order to create staggered terms for the board, Garza, Schott, and Randall were randomly selected to serve two-year terms, with Gunn and Allison serving a one-year term. After the initial term periods are up, board members will be appointed or re-appointed to serve two-year terms.
The first Parks Board meeting is scheduled for next Wednesday, September 6 at 1:00 pm in the Council chambers at City Hall.
By Marly Davis
Staff Writer