Deadline to request ballot by mail Feb. 18

Been a slow week weatherwise. Just cold enough to wear a jacket till around noon, then you gotta change into shorts and chanklas. Still no rain. Y’all aint praying hard enough. I’m gonna just hit the main items cause that new reporter that KK hired covers each item in depth and has a lot more details than I usually do.
Was an uneventful meeting this week too. Not a lotta stuff happening. We approved trading in our 2008 truck with 218,000 miles on it for a new one. The Dealership sold the one that I wanted so we had to go with a newer model. The price was less but, the truck is a lot nicer than we needed. I went to each of the Dealerships in Medina County in search of a vehicle to be purchased with Medina County tax dollars.
The Baptist Health Foundation of San Antonio presented Medina County with the Spirit of Health Award for our efforts in the health care arena. We got a nice piece of hardware to display in the Courthouse but, we don’t have a trophy case. Guess Schuchart is gonna hide it on his desk in his office until we get one.
We approved a Master Development Plan for Megan’s Landing Subdivision located in Precinct 2 off of Potranco Road. The unique thing about this subdivision is that it will have its own sewage treatment plant. Some of the effluent will be recycled and some will be drained into San Geronimo Creek.
This is the second subdivision that we have approved with its own sewage treatment plant. The first one also recycles effluent. Once treated and cleaned, this effluent is clear enough to drink and looks just like tap water. Pct. 2 Commissioner Larry Sittre said it didn’t matter, he aint drinking none of it.
We tentatively approved a Lease Agreement with the new owners of the Sherry’s Flowers building on College St. in Devine. This would allow them access and space to park behind the building. Pending perusal by a lawyer and no problems found in the Lease, it will be approved.
Speaking of attorneys, there are only a handful of elected positions that require a law license in order to serve. Contrary to popular belief, the District Judge, District Attorney and the County Court at Law Judge are the only positions in this category.
Speaking of Elections, we got one coming up. Oughta be interesting and should be well attended. If you want to legally vote by mail, you need to call the Elections Office at (830) 741-6009 and request a ballot. They must be requested individually which means that Sissy can’t request one for her husband, Pete. Both have to call. The request must be made by Friday, February 18th…not a lotta time left to do this.
We requested a study from TxDOT to determine an alternate route for Hwy 90 around Castroville to help alleviate traffic problems. Traffic is gettin pretty thick through town…guess Hondo is next.
We had a workshop after Comm. Ct. concerning the scheduling, staffing and maintenance of our new paving equipment. Seems we have a system that will need some polishing over the first month or so but, we can make it work. We will be using this equipment on a 4.2 mile stretch of road in the next couple of months in Pct 4.
Lost a bet the other day. We had a pool on how many times a picture of Lewis Stroud would be in the paper. I guessed 3 times…it was 2.