Cross Country State Meet Spectator Information

The University Interscholastic League released the following information for this year’s State Cross Country Championships. Races are November 5 and 6 at Old Settler’s Park in Round Rock.
Ticket & Parking Information
Tickets will be sold by car. The price paid by car for parking will be considered entry into the event (see parking prices and breakdown below). It is recommended to purchase tickets online in advance. NO CASH transactions will be available. Tickets may be bought on site with credit/debit card ONLY.
Public Parking will be located in Old Settler’s Park off of HWY 79 only. NOTE: Spectator parking location has changed from the past. Please see a map on the UIL website for details and get this information to parents and community members. There will be NO shuttle buses that will take spectators to the main event area.
● $25.00 – Cost for vehicle with up to 2 persons
● $40.00 – Price for vehicle with Two or more persons
● Online tickets will be available for purchase online
Live Streaming
Using live streaming sites including Facebook Live, Instagram Live, Twitter Live and YouTube Live to stream the meet is strictly prohibited and in direct violation of the UIL’s agreement with its broadcast partners. Please notify the media, fans, and parents of this policy.
There will be NO dogs allowed in Old Settler’s Park on the day of the Cross Country State Meet. (Sorry Coach Lori Wilson! 🙂 )
Portable toilets will be available to the public and athletes.
Friday, November 5
8:30am 1A-Girls
9:00am 1A-Boys
10:00am 3A Girls–Lytle Lady Pirates
10:30am 3A Boys–Lytle Pirates, Mustang Noah Gilkey
11:30am 5A Girls
12:10pm 5A Boys
Saturday, November 6
8:30am 2A Girls
9:00am 2A Boys
10:00am 4A Girls
10:30am 4A Boys–Warhorse Isaiah Morin
11:30am 6A Girls
12:10pm 6A Boys
By Jerel Beaty
Staff Writer