Commissioners Comments

Was outta town the last time it rained so, I didn’t get to enjoy the rain. According to Heather Yanta, she got 3.2 inches on top of the hill…mine read a little less after 4 days of evaporizationalizing. We have gotten 30.7 inches of rain since January 1…not too shabby.
The phones are still not working at the Courthouse Annex in Hondo..seems like they would be functional in a new building. Don’t know if its due to newly assigned numbers or crossed wires or gremlins. Hopefully, this will be corrected soon.
We had a couple of small subdivisions in our area approved at the last meeting. One is out across from Calame Store on CR 5710 (5 lots) and the other is out CR 7711 towards Great Oaks (20 lots). The one on CR 5710 can only use 4 of the lots for construction because one is in a flood plain.
We approved an Interlocal Agreement with Atascosa County for use of their Jail facility. With the completion of our Jail addition, I believe that we will no longer need this type of agreement…..unless we get one from them.
According to my “memories” on my phone, Bidenflation has gas at $2.89 compared to $1.87 last year at this time….food is up 4.6% and clothing is up 3.4%. The worst part is that bacon is up 19.3%. His idea to shut down pipelines and go from energy independence to relying on OPEC oil is a good one, right? He has even asked them to step up production and make more available for us. Unfortunately, there are people who believe this is a good idea and that this administration has the ability to walk on water.
Latest numbers that were released from whatever they are calling the Border Patrol now indicate that over 1,700,000 illegal immigrants have passed through the system so far….this does not include the ones that slipped through the process. That’s a whole lotta potential voters..and moving them around the country during the dead of night don’t sound too good either.
As a few of you know, we are voting on 8 Propositions submitted to the voters by the Texas Legislature. Number 2 will put more tax burden on County taxpayers and no matter how much air freshener they spray or how much perfume they put on it, #2 still smells. The fine print is so small on the advertisements in support of this Proposal that you cannot read it. You can bet that it is paid for by friends of State politicians. ONLY 72 people have voted in Devine and 319 countywide. Very poor showing so far. People need to practice voting or we’ll get what we got last time.
We are through paving this year and will resume in the Spring of 2022. The weather is starting to cool off and is not conducive to paving. (See Mrs. Langley, I know big words too). Time to go through our equipment and repair what needs repairing and start on our winter projects. We are out of the mulch for now and we are checking on when we can get another trailer for old tires. I will let folks know when we are getting both.
Only 59 days till Christmas! We still gotta get through Thanksgiving first so, no Christmas decorations until after Thanksgiving.