We got one of those gigantic bubble wands this weekend. It’s amazing, it can make bubbles 3-4 feet long if you do it right. I had forgotten that the kid’s favorite part of bubbles is simply popping the bubbles!
They enjoyed it, once we got it figured out. But there was quite a bit of controversy of who was gonna pop what bubble and when between sissy and little brother. I’m thinking we might have been better entertained by fifty small bubbles than one big one at a time.
I found some adorable old videos of my babies in a hidden “lost” older gallery on my phone. My babies were so small! We laughed and laughed as we watched them nearly all day Sunday. My daughter enjoyed watching her six-year-old self as much as I did, recalling the memories. Especially the videos that capture her being just as unruly and energetic as her little brother is. I found one of baby boy when he was still in the ICU, and I was talking to him with goo-goo voices and trying to introduce him to his sister by video call (since she wasn’t allowed in for 8 days). Somewhere in the long silly video, I said “She is your big sister, and ya’ll are going to have lots of fun and get in lots of fights together.” Boy was I right about that one.
They can fight over anything, even a bubble. I am not too worried though, my little sisters and I have gotten into some pretty good tussles, but our love for each other runs much deeper than anger ever could. A bubble you can pop…love you cannot.