Colts and Fillys cross country roundup

All four Devine Middle School divisions competed this past weekend in their home Cross Country invitational. Thirty-three Devine runners competed against 218 additional participants, making this meet’s total competitors (251) one of the bigger meets in south Texas.
7th girls team: 1st-Pleasanton-24; 2nd-Peterson-32; 3rd-Devine-88; 4th-Jourdanton-98.
7th Fillys out of 57 runners: 15th-Angelina Rios-16:04; 17th-Kristian Moralez-16:08; 23rd-Katie Morales-16:48; 37th-Jordan Erxleben-18:45; 39th-Alli Dugosh-19:06; 41st-Alexandria Salazar-19:22; 43rd-Cassandra Elias-20:20; 52nd-Jasmine DeLaTorre-22:33; 54th-Martha Tovar-23:28; 55th-Hunter Moss-23:34; Jocelynn Zamarron-23:46; 5th-Joselyn Guajardo-24:11.
8th girls team: 1st-Peterson-27; 2nd-Pleasanton-36; 3rd-Devine-74; 4th-Nueces Canyon-102; 5th-Ingram-160; 6th-Jourdanton-161.
8th Fillys out of 67 runners: 7th-Yessika Garza-14:31; 19th-Kelli Geyer-15:12; 20th-Lacey Shook-15:20; 21st-Audrey Longoria-15:26; 28th-Kaydi Yeats-15:54; 39th-Aleyna Gerlach-16:42; 44th-Kendall Marek-17:18; 47th-Corrine Fowler-17:27; 48th-Shelby Joslin-17:33; 52nd-Karma Herring-17:52; 63rd-Daisy Mendoza-19:24.
7th boys team: 1st-Peterson-30; 2nd-Pleasanton-47; 3rd-Devine-79; 4th-Hondo-96; 5th-Jourdanton-123; 6th-Cotulla-158.
7th Colts out of 64 runners: 11th-Rylan Mata-14:27; 12th-Thomas Mendoza-14:28; 14th-Noah Fernandez-14:31; 25th-Jack Schneider-15:12; 32nd-Owen Fowler-15:41; 41st-Lokey Aguero-16:25; 48th-Kristofer Aguirre-16:55.
8th boys team: 1st-Peterson-23; 2nd-Pleasanton-66; 3rd-Jourdanton-67; 4th-Nueces Canyon-82; 5th-Hondo-125 (Devine did not have enough competitors to garner a team score).
8th Colts out of 63 runners: 9th-Chris Ortiz-13:01:30; 10th-Brian Schaefer-13:01:60; 36th-Marcus Espinosa-14:23.
All four divisions will compete in Comfort Saturday, September 23rd. The schedule is as follows 7th girls-9:00am, 7th boys at 9:30am, 8th girls at 10:00am, then 8th boys 10:30am.
By Jerel Beaty
Staff Writer