7th grade Fillys in action vs Crystal City and Lytle

The 7th grade Fillys started their volleyball season against Crystal City and Lytle these past two weeks.
Fillys Maroon vs. Crystal City
They won in two games 25-21 and 25-14. Scoring one ace was Kristina M. Three girls scored 1 hit each; Zoe G., Amber D., and Korynn A. With two assists was Korynn A.
Again, Korynn A. scored a block. Nine girls were able to score digs; Bailey O. 5, Avery C. 3, Amber D. 3, Kristina M. 2, Arsci L. 1, Neenah G. 1, Karsyn B. 1, Zoe G. 1, and Kaitlyn M. 1.
“The girls came out excited and ready to play,” Coach Megan Perez said. “I was pleased to see the girls string some quality plays and am excited for future competitions.”
Fillys Gold vs. Crystal City
The Fillys lost in three games; 20-25, 25-23, and 18-21. Nine aces were scored by Sierra B. (6), Andrea R. (1), Leah R. (1), and Joselyn G. (1). There were 3 assists; Andrea R. 2 ad Haylee L. 1.
They also scored 7 digs; Bailey K. 2, Amayia M. 1, Jackie S. 1, Autumn O. 1, Yesenia A. 1, and Joselyn G. 1.
“They were very excited to play their first game,” Coach Perez said. “We struggled at times, but fought back to play a third game.”
Fillys Maroon vs. Lytle
The girls lost in two games, 20-25 and 12-25. They scored 3 aces; Amber D. 1, Kristina M. 1, and Korynn A. 1. Scoring 2 hits was Bailey O. (1) and Madison C. (1). Assisting was Karsyn B. with one.
Scoring a block was Madison C. and Avery C. had 1 dig and Zoe G. had 2.
“They struggled a bit tonight with passing and serving which ultimately was the cause of our loss,” Coach Perez said. “We had some good moments, and will be practicing the others.”
Fillys Gold vs. Lytle
The Fillys lost in two games against Lytle, 17-25 and 14-25. They were able to score 11 digs; Rebecca M. 11, Sierra B. 2, Jackie S. 1, Cali G. 1, Autumn O. 1, and Emily S. 1.
“The girls struggled tonight with passing and serving which was the cause of our loss,” Coach Perez said. “We had good moments where the girls made good passes to set up the offense but was inconsistent throughout the night. The girls will be practicing these aspects for future play.”
By Abby Kohlleppel
Staff Writer