City of Devine needs over 400 door-to-door surveys for grant

Albert Garza, left, and James Spurgers will be conducting surveys on behalf of the City of Devine.

The City of Devine will be performing a door-to-door survey to be conducted by an independent surveyor during February 2018. The survey covers annual family income and family size. The survey is being performed to fulfill a funding agency requirement for a city-wide water meter replacement project.
“We need over 400 surveys completed in order to apply for a grant to replace all the water meters city wide. It is free to the citizens, but we have a small window to finish these by Feb. 21st”, said Dora Rodriguez, Interim City Administrator.
The independent surveyor will have credentials provided by the City of Devine authorizing him/her to perform the survey. The City may also assign a city staff member to accompany the surveyor to answer questions about the survey process.
The City of Devine appreciates your cooperation with the completion of the survey. If you have any questions please call City Hall at (830) 663-2804.