Chap stick and Mosquitoes

This morning as I made my coffee Tucker stuck his finger into the jagged mouth of a TREX toy purposely. He worked pretty hard to get it in there, but didn’t like the results. He then went to screaming “owwww!” and looked at me for help. I guess getting bitten by a TREX isn’t as fun as it might look. Note to self.

Yesterday evening, his loving Big sister spent about an hour putting on dark eye makeup to make herself look scary, so that she could jump out and scare her brother. If you ask me, she looked more like a raccoon than a scary witch, but hey, whatever. Oh, the gentle love and thoughtful planning that goes into torturing brothers and sisters.

The next day they were onto new quarrels over sissy’s chap stick collection. One at a time, brother sneaks in and snatches a chap stick off her bathroom counter, and then she would chase him down relentlessly, wrestling him like a steer to get it back. Over and over. Of course, she never simply put the chapstick up, because she liked the chase. Finally on the 5th chap stick, he stuck it in his “diaper pocket” (that’s what he calls his diaper when he doesn’t have any pants pockets).  And I watched though the screen door as the show down between brother and sister began, like an old fashioned western…only there was no chaps, just chap stick. Little brother blazingly reached into his “diaper pocket” to whip out the cherry chap stick and put it on in a dramatic fashion for big sister to see. The look on her face was priceless as she watched him pull it out of the hip of his diaper like a six shooter, and then of course she went into pretending to make vomiting noises and such. I almost choked on the water I was drinking.

It was so funny.

That was one chap stick she didn’t want back. Little brother, with his great wits, would finally get to keep a chap stick.

Later we had a great argument when Tucker demanded that he “wanted mosquitoes.”

“What?” we asked.

“Mosquitoes! Mosquitoes! Mossssssquitoes!”, he desperately tried to tell us.

Finally, he pointed at his Cheetos.