A Birthday Cake and the Fire Department

One of the interesting facts about Casa Rosenauer is that My Birthday is one day before the Boss Lady’s. We calculated it would be something different if we married on the following day.

Our foolish thoughts were that 3-day sequence would create a lengthy period of celebration each year. In truth, less than 1/10 years over the last 3 + decades plus has resulted in such an opportunity.
Our daughter and her 3 children were over on my B-Day to celebrate with us. Her Husband was traveling out of state and our son is overseas working on his Master’s degree. So, the entire available family was all together. The kiddos picked what kind of cake we needed and of course they wanted candles on it. AND it was a festive occasion. While the gifts for Poppi and Mimmi were nice and appreciated, one thing stood out that made the day unique.
When ALL the passing years were marked on the Cake, and lighted, the Fire Alarm went off. Quicker than you can say Oh My, the Fire Department showed up! While impressed with the fine Response Time, it was quickly ascertained their professional services were not needed.
Now as you read this, remember the Title for this column, and the name of my books start with the word TALES. That is different than Truths.
The above part about the Fire Department did not really happen. But as The Boss Lady and I did the “counting”, we decided that in the NOT-TOO-DISTANT FUTURE, that sure could be the case!
Maybe we better start letting a ratio of 1candle to 10 years be the score card in the future. That would still be PLENTY for us to put out before we ran out of breath!