If You Are Not Smart, then Stubborn Might Do

There is NO ONE in their right mind, who has known me for long that would confuse me with Phi Betta Kappa material. I would sit somewhere between there, and the Barely Gotta Outta category! And depending on the subject, closer to one end than the other.
And I would imagine many of you Readers fall into that situation right along beside me. I have spent lots of time with individuals that were as close to a Genius as likely will come into my contact. From Subject Matter Experts to Outstanding Leaders, Gifted Athletes, Master Woodsmen, the list could go on for a LONG TIME.

While the above and many others come with a different “cut of cloth” in terms of personality, background, and multiple other factors, I am struck with the ONE THING THEY ALL SEEMED TO POSSESS. And that was TENACITY for their Field of endeavor.
To be sure, many demonstrated that Drive/Fire for their respective endeavors in a wide range of ways, but upon close inspection, they ALL had it. Such a revelation came upon me recently and I must offer right here something in FULL DISCLOSURE. IF EVERY Genius in the whole State of Texas collapsed with a Brain Aneurysm, I would NOT even have a minor Headache! But despite the clearly limited Knowledge Bank sitting between my ears, this understanding seems to have an important Lesson, at least for me.
There is NO WAY I will ever reach the heights of some of those above-mentioned individuals. But maybe, just maybe, if I make the conscious decision to “bear down” and try a little bit harder to “get good at something”, my meager abilities might just improve a bit.
My conclusion, Shakey as it might be, is that there IS VALUE in Perseverance in some areas of my Life that have a High Importance to me. And while Talent may NOT abound, WAY TOO MANY people have told me over the years, my STUBBORNESS is at a VERY high level. In some cases, I reckon that Dubious Trait might just have to be enough. My final parting thought for you is this….Keep on Going. Excellence may not be Possible, but “Good Enough” might be closer than you think!
J.L.R. April, 2024