You Are Going to Wear That?

Up front, right off the bat, I am going to admit that my Bride, AKA The Boss Lady, married WAY DOWN on so many levels when she said YES over 3 decades ago. She has far more style, class, and good taste than me in so many areas.
But rather than further confess ALL my shortcomings, this TALE deals with clothing selections. It did not take very long for me to notice my “clothing options” had changed considerably not too long after we married. The Closet did NOT look the same at all!

And to be Truthful, it WAS an improvement. Given how little she had to work with from a LOOKS perspective, I guess she figured at least I could LOOK Better. Dress Slacks and Shirts, Coats and Ties, Suits etc. were a real step up.
But I HAD To Draw The Line Somewhere.
For a pretty good while I was IN CHARGE of my jeans, boots, and camouflage decisions!
But those areas seem to have changed somewhat as well. I no longer can wear my fancy, custom made books now that my shoe size has gone from around 12 to 7 ½ or 8. And those good stiff jeans don’t “feel or fit” as good as in years past. The Stretch Waist ones are more my style these days.
But by Golly, I still am in charge of my camo shirts, caps, and coats. Of course, I am still using my old favorites from years past and not much new “shows up” in the closet these days.
But let me be Clear. There better NOT be any PINK CAMO show up on my Clothes Racks!