Deep Breath

Well I watched my one football game of the year, and it was a good one. We didn’t even make it through the whole thing though before we had to go home, getting old I guess. But we saw the riveting overtime quarter once we got back home and then drifted off to sleep quickly.

Tucker had a grand old time with his cousins this weekend. Aunt Erin reports that the boys were using all of their Valentine’s candy to have Easter egg-like candy hunts. When I got there, they were dressed in Halloween costumes too. Pretty genius if you ask me. Kind of like combining all of the holidays into one day.
Really looking forward to track season! It’s more exciting to me than the Super Bowl, watching our daughter run track. It really is one of the funnest things as a parent. Daddy broke down bought her some new shoes, so maybe she’ll be even faster this year.
We had quite an ordeal when we went to church this weekend. My son was more squirmy than usual, and as we tried to walk outside to discuss it, my daughter followed behind me and stepped on the back of my flip flop, and it broke, so I tripped, and then bumped into Tuck who was in front of me, so he hit his head on the big wooden column in front of him. Then once we got outside, of course I was half-barefoot, so I didn’t feel like I could go back into church. I’m sure God wouldn’t have minded, but I just felt too funny to walk in barefoot! It was just one of those days where you’ve gotta take a deep, deep, deeeeeeeeep breath!
PS. Today is Valentine’s Day– if you haven’t already–don’t forget to get some flowers and chocolate! I love a good box of chocolate…You never know exactly what you’re gonna get–but you know it tastes oh so good!