A Beanie Sack

I caught the most awful cold last week. As I was complaining about not being able to breathe through my nose, my little son (who gave me this cold) crept up towards me like he was going to give me a kiss. To my surprise, he turned his head and blew a big puff of air up my nose instead!

“There! Now can you breathe through your nose mommy?” he asked.
My goodness, this kid has some funny ideas. He is becoming such a big boy though.
I groaned last week when I dropped a bunch of groceries on the ground as I got out of the truck. They went right through those thin little sacks, and frustrated, I just kept on walking inside. I figured I’d come back out later to get them. Little did I know, Tuck, who was right behind me, started picking them up right away, and he came in carrying two armfuls of groceries right behind me. And I hadn’t even asked him to. I was so proud. He was loaded down pretty heavily for his size, and I chuckled when I saw that he even used his beanie hat as a sack to carry two or three cans. It sure stretched that hat out, but hey, it didn’t break like the grocery sacks did!