Mad Scientist

It’s fair to say my little one is in his “experimental food” stage. He’s got a particularly odd combination of cereals going on. Today I witnessed in awe as he poured a Dr. Shasta soda into a bowl of gluten free cheerios.

It was one of those moments where I caught him, but just didn’t have too much time to stop him (nor the desire to). I love to prevent food waste, but my curiosity got the best of me this time! I was rather intrigued to know what he thought of those interesting flavors. After all, he very much enjoyed his pickle covered in syrup last week! Just the other day he also poured his three drinks into one another until they were good and mixed up and made a big “mmmm” sound as he tested it. As my sister said long ago, he is a little like a “mad scientist.” Who knows, maybe he will invent the next big snack.
The poor child has all kinds of food allergies, so he can’t have good ol milk with his cereal anyway. So I guess some amount of creativity is inspired.
Who am I to judge? If I was allergic to milk, I might just enjoy a little Dr. Shasta and Cheerios for breakfast too!!