Because He’s 6

My son turned a big 6 years old Sunday, and he sure is proud of it. That night he got a craving for eggs, and he ate one after another until he had devoured 3 eggs, said it was because he was 6 now. If he eats 3 eggs now that he is 6, I hate to see how many eggs we’ll have to cook for breakfast when he’s 16! I have a feeling we are gonna need more chickens if that’s the case.

My little man wanted to make a Spiderman cake again this year, and he had an awful lot of fun making that web of icing. There were an awful lot of “whoas and wows” when it came time for presents.
He wanted to have a campout for his birthday, so we did it at the ranch. He slept in the tent for about 20 minutes before he opted for the comfy couch inside. But they all had a great time, and a few brave souls (including a very dedicated grandpa) did sleep outside under the stars. The kids had a good time figuring out how to put up the tent–always a fun project. And grandpa slept right on the ground outside in his sleeping bag until the cows and horses came walking through the yard to wake him up at 3am!