Cashlynn Gierisch is awake!

Cashlynn Giersch with parents Mike and Carolyn Giersch.

Cashlynn’s family is happy to report that she is scheduled to be transferred to San Antonio Children’s Hospital and start more rehabilitation soon.
“The doctors have told us that Cashlynn’s recovery will be like starting from the newborn stage. She will have to learn how to walk, talk, eat, and everything again, like a newborn,” said mom Caroline Gierisch. “It’s heart-breaking, but she is making baby steps, and so I’ll take it! She fought for four days to stay alive, so I know the hardest part is behind us.”
“Just like with a baby, tummy time is important for Cashlynn,” Caroline said. “So we do tummy time every morning, and we were really excited that she’s learned how to flip over on her tummy already. She is not able to sit up yet, but she is trying. She is unable to use her arms and legs to lift her body, but she can lift her body some using her core strength. She can make noises and her eyes tear up at the same time so that also tells us her brain is functioning, and she’s wiggling around like crazy. She even halfway smiled for us yesterday when her best friend came to visit. She brought her a fidget spinner, and I know seeing her best friend was good for her soul,” Caroline said. “It’s baby steps. It may not sound like a lot but for dad and I it’s major stuff.”
“She gets very agitated because she wants to walk, she wants to talk. They said it could be a year before she learns to talk again if she ever does, but they also said it would be 6-8 months before we got transferred, so she is recovering faster than they thought she would. She isn’t able to follow commands yet, and we are still not sure if she has her hearing, but she does have her eyesight. I feel like she understands us, but she doesn’t understand why she can’t do everything she used to. We are really looking forward to starting more rehabilitation because it’s like she is trapped in her own body. We’ve got a long road ahead of us, but she’s tough, and she’s stubborn. She’s a Gierisch!”
Her daddy, Mike Gierisch Jr, broke her out of the hospital to go outside for the first time last week, and she responded very well. It wasn’t exactly what the doctor ordered, but daddy knew a little sunshine was exactly what Cashlynn needed.
“Her left arm had been in a tight knot up against her chest, and the minute I took her outside she released her fists and now her arm is completely relaxed,” Mike said, “It’s gonna be a slow process, but she is getting better and getting stronger every day. She is a fighter. She is moving her mouth, and we are hoping to hear her voice again soon.”
“The minute we bring her back into the hospital room she gets agitated and starts to throw a tantrum,” Caroline adds, “She definitely loves it outside.”
Caroline and Mike will both be forever-grateful for the awesome support system they have in this community.
“A lot of people will say ‘Let me know if you need anything.’ They don’t always mean it, but people in Devine mean it! I am so glad my husband kidnapped me and moved our family to Devine 15 years ago, because our friends and family in Devine are so amazing. Cashlynn’s first grade teacher Mrs. Gough has come up to see her almost every single day and reads to her during tummy time. She has gone above and beyond her duties to help our Cashlynn. I just can’t thank her enough.”