Can’t beat brown gravy

Well I’m nearing the end of my pregnancy, and for months people have been telling me I don’t look big at all. I just shake my head because I sure feel like a stuffed turkey. If my pregnant belly was to get much bigger I couldn’t imagine how I could waddle around.
One thing for sure though, I’ve always got room for good food. I’m not hungry for so-so food, but when I smell something that tastes really good I tend to really overstuff myself.
This week, Mrs. June Ehlinger cooked a special meal for me….roast beef, mashed potatoes, vegetables, and the most heavenly gravy. She cooks just like my Grandma did, and it doesn’t get any tastier than that! My mom delivered the meal to me and she just had 4 teeth pulled last week so she can barely chew, but one thing’s for sure, she chewed through that meal! I looked at her as she winced in pain every now and then and asked, “Does it hurt?”
“Yes,” she said, “But it’s worth it!”
That’s how you know someone’s a really, really good cook. Thank you Mrs. Ehlinger!
Another thing I can’t get enough of is candy. It’s not nearly as good as Mrs. Ehlinger’s brown gravy, but good chocolate is good chocolate.
My daughter and I saw a Reeses commercial the other day, and she turned to me and asked, “Mom, what are Reeses Pieces?” Apparently she’d never had any, and my mouth started watering as I started describing them to her. At that point, I knew it has been way too long since I’ve strolled down the chocolate candy aisle. I don’t get out much anymore, being so pregnant, so my mom does most of my shopping and errands for me. So I got online and ordered some Reeses Pieces. The thing about ordering food online is that you often won’t realize how much you are ordering. I’m not used to thinking of candy in the amount of ounces or pounds it weighs.
It was delivered yesterday afternoon, and when my husband walked in and saw the large package with 24 bags of Reeses Pieces, he just turned to me and said “Really?”
Really. Well, now A’Dell knows the joys of Reeses Pieces. I was lounging in our recliner as I was eating a bag of them yesterday, when suddenly I went to reach for some more and they had disappeared. Not wanting to hoist my pregnant-self up, I started spinning the chair around a little to see if they were sitting on the end table, the window sill, or on top of the couch beside me. Then I started looking across the room to the counter and table, wanting that candy, but still not wanting to stand up. Any woman can tell you, even simply standing up takes an incredible amount of willpower when you are only days from having a baby. Anyway, I knew if I could just spot that candy, I could call my daughter and she would happily bring them to me for the price of a few pieces.
After a few minutes of looking just about everywhere I could think of I was ready to give up. All the while, I was asking myself “How can I lose something while I’m sitting still?” Then finally, when I reached over to get the remote I heard the crinkle of the candy wrapper, and for goodness sakes, it was in my lap the whole time. I just couldn’t see it over my big pregnant belly!!
My pregnant belly might not be big as some people would expect, but it’s certainly big enough for a package of candy to hide behind! But p.s. …….Mrs. Ehlinger, if you think my belly ought to be bigger, feel free to cook baby some more roast beef, gravy, and mashed potatoes! I promise I’ll eat it!
I’ve taken high dollar Nausea pills and I’ve taken plenty of Tums and used lots of bengay this pregnancy, but no medicine made me feel better like Mrs.Ehlinger’s homemade mash potatoes and brown gravy.