Two guns reported missing

If you’re looking for much anticipated review of our activity last week here it is: We generated 41 service calls and conducted 57 traffic stops. Citations were issued in 46 of those stops and 11 of the contacts resulted in a verbal or written warning.
Sgt. Hanson had both of our arrests last week, both were for outstanding warrants and they were the result of traffic stops. I assisted him on one of the stops and the fellow gave a false name, when asked for his date of birth he couldn’t really remember. He did such a poor job of lying we felt sorry for him and didn’t even file on him for giving the false information. He got transported to the county jail in Hondo.
We only had a couple property crimes reported last week and both involved firearms. In one instance a resident reported a firearm missing from his vehicle. It might have gone missing here or somewhere else, he wasn’t sure. The other incident involved a burglary of a vehicle on Bruce St. A handgun was removed from an unlocked vehicle. Oddly enough the stolen gun was recovered by Alamo Heights PD later the same day.
Are you looking for something to do this Saturday? Look no more it’s time for the annual Lytle Animal Care and Control indoor yard sale. It all goes down at the Lytle Community Center on Priest Blvd. on Saturday, March 3rd, the doors open at 8 AM. They always have some good stuff up there, people tend to really give the “good stuff” when it’s for the animals. I hope I never need a fundraiser or benefit for myself but if I do I’m going to say it’s for my dog, I would get better results.