Brush Country Crabs and Catfish

Well I got my first dose of Ivermectin this week as I helped hand my brother supplies to work cattle. Apparently it’s a “pour-on” medication that absorbs thru the hide, and I didn’t realize that till I had already grabbed the wet bottle with the hide on my hands. Oh well, hasn’t killed me yet.
We had a wonderful day spent with grandparents and cousin and uncles and aunts at the ranch this Sunday. In the heat of the day, the boys coaxed us and the kids into going “frog hunting” to take some bullfrogs from one pond to another. Didn’t sound like much muddy fun from our comfy swing on the shady porch, but it actually was a good time. The kids got muddy and we all got lots of laughs.
Uncle Sherman got the muddiest, and threw perch and frogs closer to the shores for the kids to catch in their nets. Even some big old crawdads with some equally big pinchers. The kids had a fun time with the monster crawdads or “crabs” as they called them. I guess they are kind of like our Brush Country Crabs. Audrey had one in her net and when she decided she’d rather pass it on, her and Tucker had a fun and cute time trying to dump that pinchy crab from one net to the other as it clung on.
But the day was long from over. Uncle Sherman and A’Dell went on to catch the biggest catfish ever caught on the Calame Ranch…20 lbs and 36 inches long. Sherman held the catfish and A’Dell held Tucker up next to him for a priceless picture. They are about the same size, but one was a lot cuter than the other!