Biry family loses home in fire

The home of Elsie Morales and Greg Paz caught fire on June 3.

A family in Biry lost their home to fire this past Sunday just after noon. Elsie Morales and Greg Paz and their three children Miguel, Jose, and Terri Ann, are now living in a small travel trailer until they can get the house fixed up or rebuilt.
“It all started when I heard a loud bang come from outside,” homeowner Elsie Morales said. “I had just gotten home from the grocery store and started cooking. When I looked out the door, I saw flames coming out of our shed. So I got everyone out of the house and my husband tried to spray it with the water hose, but there just wasn’t enough pressure. It was a slow fire, but a little breeze came along and it eventually took most of the house. What didn’t burn was heavily damaged.
“We had remodeled the home ourselves and were getting ready to add on bedrooms for our children. It is hard to sit there and watch the home we built just go up in flames. Looking at it, I just want to cry.
“The shed didn’t have any power to it, but there were some old laptop computers with those long batteries stored in there, so the only thing we can figure is that maybe the batteries exploded from the heat of the sun and started the fire.”
If you would like to donate to them, you can mail donations to PO Box 442, Devine, Tx. You can reach the family at 210-705-4072. They have received a good amount of clothes and furniture, but would be grateful for monetary donations or gift cards to buy building materials to rebuild their home.