Devine Garden Club gets ready for butterflies

The Devine Garden Club held their meeting on February 22nd at the home of Meg Lesieur. Hostesses were Meg Lesieur and Margaret Powers. The program, by Margaret Powers, taught the members about growing milkweed. Other butterfly friendly information was given to help us feed our pollinators.

Butterflies feed on nectar-bearing plants and they require water as well. Another emphasis was on the Monarch Butterfly, which travels over 3000 miles to central Mexico during the fall. These butterflies need our help during their long journey, so it’s important that we plant the right flowers for them and provide water as well. After the meeting, the members made butterfly baths so that our pollinators have water throughout the year. Placing stones in the baths help prevent bees and butterflies from drowning.
Thursday, March 14th, you will see many of the members sprucing up the four corners in downtown Devine. Over 100 bags of mulch will be put down along with trimming of the trees and planting new rose bushes. So, if you would like to join them or help in their endeavor with a donation, please stop by, you’re always welcome!
On March 28th, the program will be “Birds, Birds, Birds” with a workshop afterwards which consists of Bed and Breakfast birdhouses. Also on March 28th, the Devine Garden Club will be celebrating 77 years in existence. They are the oldest Garden Club in Medina County!
Meeting in April will be “Growing Avocadoes by Seed” with a workshop afterwards of “Making Fairy Gardens”.