Usually when I get home, my kiddos are hanging all over me. In a crazy turn of events, yesterday after work, they were both busy , busy, and independent. I didn’t hardly know what to do with myself, sitting there on the couch relaxing without anyone demanding my attention. I found myself trying to get THIER attention instead.
Baby Tucker had only one thing on his mind–watching his Dinosaur Train DVD. He didn’t even want me or daddy to sit with him; the little turkey wanted to stretch out in daddy’s big blue recliner and have it all to himself and watch episode after episode of his favorite cartoon. “My chair,” he said, “My chair.”
Meanwhile big sissy A’Dell was busy reading, bound and determined to catch up on her AR points at school. I reached over to hold her little hand and she snatched it away to turn the page, and Tucker was guarding “his” recliner with all his might.
I laughed, thinking about a few days ago when they were attacking me for attention and I longed for some space. Maybe two kiddos hanging on my legs while I try to do other things isn’t that bad after all. It’s just part of their way to say “I love you mom!”
I told them “If you were a little bigger, I’d hang off your legs right now!”
It must have been a full moon or something. I won’t get too worried though, I’m sure they’ll be back to clinging to my legs when I get home from work today, and all will be right with the world!