Traffic stops lead to arrest, drug seizures

Last week, Lytle PD officers were kept busy with 66 calls for service; they also conducted 59 traffic stops. Those stops resulted in 37 drivers being issued citations and 23 receiving warnings (either verbal or written).
We had two property crimes reported last week. On Monday, an Oak St. resident reported that someone took her electric lawnmower. Isn’t that how it always works out, you try to do the right thing…go green, be environmentally friendly and some crook throws a wrench in your plan. At least they didn’t get the battery, in my recent experiences batteries can be almost as costly as the tool it goes to. The other property crime was a burglary of vehicle that occurred at H.E.B. Plus, this was on Sunday night. Approx. $250 worth of hand tools were taken from a pickup, there were no signs of forced entry.
Our staff made four trips to the county jail in Jourdanton this past week. Cpl. Robison had the 1st arrest. A driver stopped for a busted taillight had a felony dope warrant out of Bexar Co. On Thursday, Cpl. Robison hit it big with a stop for an expired MV reg. sticker. The vehicle was reported stolen out of San Antonio and the driver had about 23 grams of meth! So he got a stolen vehicle recovered and took a good bit of dope off the streets. On Sunday, two more arrests were made. Ofc. Lopez conducted a traffic stop for an expired MV reg. sticker; the driver was arrested for possession of marijuana. Later that night, Sgt. Hanson stopped a vehicle for an expired MV reg. sticker and arrested that driver for possession of marijuana too.
So what did we learn this week? If you are wanted, have drugs in your vehicle, or are driving a stolen vehicle – I would suggest you make sure your registration is up to date and your taillight is not busted out. Peace Officers can’t just stop you for no reason at all, we must have probable cause. Same for conducting a search once we get you stopped. Lytle PD made over 2,700 traffic stops last year and we only conducted 21 probable cause searches. So there are some numbers for those that like that kind of stuff.