Arabian XC district champs; Joslin, Bowyer, Morales, Garza, Black top 7

The Devine Arabians polished off their third consecutive district championship last Wednesday at the District 29-4A meet at Devine Golf Course. The Arabians placed five of seven runners in the top 10 to easily beat runner up Somerset 18-70.
“These girls have worked hard and it paid off with another district championship,” said Head Coach Hanna Thompson. “Their work ethic is second to none and they definitely deserve all the recognition they get.”
The 4A schools run on Tuesday at Dugan Stadium on the campus of Texas A&M Corpus Christi. It is a shorter turnaround than most seasons so Thompson and assistant Mark Mangold went right back to work to prepare for the season’s biggest race.
“These kids still have much to accomplish in the next week before regionals, but I am so happy for what they have accomplished this season,” Thompson continued. “No matter what happens down there, these guys should be proud of how they have represented this program this season.
Thompson finished by giving a shout out to those that have been the team’s biggest supporters.
“Thank you to everyone that has supported us this season and who has made it out to watch these kids run this year.”
Team rankings
1st Devine 18, 2nd Somerset 70, 3rd Young Women’s Leadership Academy 75, 4th Fox Tech 99, 5th Brooks Academy 100.
Top 13
1st Katelyn Joslin-Devine 13:57, 2nd Brianna Bowyer-Devine 14:34, 3rd Kristina Morales-Devine 14:49, 4th Sophia Shelton-Fox Tech 14:50, 5th Yessika Garza-Devine 14:53, 6th Elisia Segovia-Brooks Academy 14:56, 7th Trinity Black-Devine 15:23, 8th Campbell Taylor-YWLA 15:28, 9th Lillie Cantu-Somerset 15:29, 10th Rahmaya Contreras-Somerset 15:33, 11th-Rebecca Mares-Devine 15:42, 12th Evangeline Hernandez-Somerset 16:01, 13th Corinne Fowler-Devine 16:10.
By Jerel Beaty
Staff Writer

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