Arabian softball goes 3-3 for week

After a week of traveling to Bandera on Tuesday and the Los Fresno’s Tournament Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, the Arabians finished their week 3-3 and ready to do it all again. This week they played in Fredericksburg Tuesday night, will play at home against the Squaws on Friday and then on the road to Cornerstone while the JV plays in La Vernia. District starts March 17 at home against Hondo.
February 25th against Bandera, the Arabians had a run in the first when Mackenzie McClellan doubled allowing Jeanette Rios to score. Next run would come in the 3rd, J. Rios double and then Arieana Ramirez hit a home run, Devine lead 3-0. Bottom of the third, Bandera came back with 5 runs including 3 off a home run. Top of the 5th, J. Rios singles, then steals 2nd and 3rd, I Gutierrez pops out. Ramirez singles, McClellan singles and J. Rios scores, 4-5. Mackenzie Schneider singed to left advancing the runners. Bases loaded, I. Gutierrez strikes out bringing up Halle Hagdorn. Hagdorn singles bring in Ramirez and Schneider. Inning ends 6-5. Bandera would score 5 more runs to win the game 6-10.
Hits: Schneider 1, J. Rios 4, Ramirez 2(Homerun), Isellia Gutierrez 1, Hagdorn 3, Isabella Gutierrez 1, McClellan 2. Stolen bases: Schneider 1, J. Rios 4, McClellan 1. Putout: Lindsey Herrera 1, Schneider 1, J. Rios 7, Ramirez 1, Alexa Garza 1, Ise. Gutierrez 3, Hagdorn 1, Isa. Gutierrez 1, McClellan 2. Pitching: Isa. Gutierrez 86 total pitches 51 strikes, McClellan 47 total 29 strikes. 3 team errors.
In the Los Fresnos tournament, Devine suffered a tough loss in their opening game against Los Fresnos, but they bounced back to beat Rio Hondo 7-6
Hits: Schneider 1, J. Rios 1, Ramirez 1, Garza 1. Stolen Bases: Schneider 1. Putouts: Herrera 2, Schneider 1, J. Rios 1, Ramirez 1, Garza 3, Ise. Gutierrez 1, Hagdorn 2. Pitching: Isa Gutierrez 55 total, 35 strikes McClellan 22 total 14 strikes. 5 team errors.
Rio Hondo was their second game on February 27th and the Arabians were ready for a win. Nothing happened until Gutierrez , Hagdorn, and Garza were on base and Morris it a pop fly. Isa. Gutierrez scored but an Arabian was thrown out. J. Rios walked to load the bases with Garza and Morris. Ise. Gutierrez walked forcing home Garza. Ramirez singed to center and Morris and J. Rios score. McClellan is out on a foul tip, inning ends 4-0 in Devine’s favor. Rio Hondo would score 5 in the top of the 3rd and 1 in the top of the 4th but Devine was not done yet. Bottom of the 4th, J. Rios and Ise. Gutierrez on base. McClellan hit a long double to left allowing her team mates to score and tie the game at 6-6. Angelina Rios in to run for McClellan. Isa. Gutierrez hit a fly ball and A. Rios scored the winning run.
Hits: Morris 1, Ramirez 1, Hagdorn 1, Isa Gutierrez 1, McClellan 2. Stolen Bases: Herrera 1, Schneider 1, J. Rios 3, Ramirez 1, Ise. Gutierrez 1. Putouts: Schneider 1, J. Rios 1, Ramirez 1, Garza 1, Ise. Gutierrez 1, Hagdorn 2, McClellan 2. Pitching: Isa Gutierrez 23 total 15 strikes. McClellan 71 total 43 strikes. 6 team errors.
The Pace Patriots out of Brownsville was the next to fall to the Arabians at 6-0 on February 27th. Devine earned the first run in the bottom of the first inning when J. Rios singled to right and then stole her way around the bases to third. She scored on a wild pitch to put Devine on the board 1-0. It was quiet with Devine putting batters away until the bottom of the third. J. Rios on base after a pop fly, Ise. Gutierrez singled and J. Rios scored. Ise. Gutierrez stole second. Ramirez get a hit to reach base and then McClellan doubles to bring home Ise. Gutierrez and Ramirez. Devine leads 4-0. McClellan advanced to 3rd on a wild pitch. Schneider singled and McClellan scored. Isa. Gutierrez singled. 2 outs. Morris singles and Schneider scored the final Arabian run of the game. Devine won 6-0 after one and a half more innings.
Hits: Schneider 1, J. Rios 1, Morris 1, Ise. Gutierrez 2. Isa. Gutierrez 1. McClellan 2. Stolen bases: Analisa Pompa 1, Rios 2, Ramirez 1, Isa. Gutierrez 1. Putouts: Schneider 1, J. Rios 5, Ramirez 5, McClellan 6. Pitching: Isa Gutierrez 68 total 45 strikes. 1 team error.
Friday afternoon against Hidalgo, Devine was continuing their winning streak by beating them 5-3 after five innings. With 2 outs Devine earned the first run when McClellan doubled allowing Ise. Gutierrez to score. 2nd inning, Hagdorn is hit by a pitch, Garza bunts,2 outs, Ise. Gutierrez walked, Ramirez singles and Hagdorn scores. Devine leads 2-0. Hidalgo would score 3 in the top of the third and would lead until the bottom of the 4th. 1 out, J. Rios, reached first after an error, made it to second after a wild pitch, stole third, Ise. Gutierrez singled and J. Rios scored to tie the game. 2 outs. McClellan pops to fielders choice, Pompa in for McClellan. Schneider singled and Ise Gutierrez scored.. Isa. Gutierrez singled to short, Pompa scored, Devine 5- Hidalgo 3.
Hits: Schneider 1, Ramirez 1, Ise. Gutierrez 1, Isa. Gutierrez 1, McClellan 2. Stolen bases: A. Rios 1, J. Rios 2, Ise. Gutierrez 2. Putouts: A. Ramirez 1, Hagdorn 1, Isa. Gutierrez 5. Pitching: McClellan 76 total 50 strikes.
In their final game against Port Isabel, the Arabians fell 3-5 on February 29th. They earned the first run when J. Rios scored on a wild pitch in the first inning but Port Isabel answered with 2 runs in the bottom. Top of the fourth, 2 outs, R. Rios on 3rd, Herrera on 2nd, J. Rios hit a pop fly to bring in both runners. Devine up 3-2 at the end of the fourth. Port Isabel would take the win late in the bottom of the fifth at 3-5.
Stolen bases: Herrera 1, A. Rios 1, J. Rios 2. Putouts: J. Rios 3, Garza 1, Hagdorn 2, Isa. Gutierrez 2, McClellan 4. Pitching: Isa. Gutierrez 78 total 51 strikes. 7 team errors.
Now 8-4 for the season the Arabian will play at home this Friday night against Jourdanton. The Squaws just beat Hondo 11-9 on February 27th.
By Dicy Chambers
Sports Writer