Arabian and Warhorse powerlifting season gets underway at Brooks Academy

The Devine Warhorse and Arabian Powerlifting season kicked off Saturday, January 13 at Brooks Academy’s Battle of the Beasts Invitational in San Antonio. Both the Arabians and Warhorses garnered 5th place team finishes in their inaugural 2018 meet.
“I am extremely proud of what the lifters accomplished during their first meet,” stated Head Powerlifting Coach Paul Gomez. “My three senior boys all placed in the top 4 and my younger kids did really well for their first meet. The freshmen and sophomores are in a great situation as they are learning from the three senior boys who provide great leadership. On the girl’s side, I have four juniors and the rest are sophomores and freshmen. They are a solid, competitive group. I’m excited to see what they have in store for the season!”
Arabian results: Alexis Shook-7th-114lb-440 total; Journey Shoemake-5th-123lb-565lb total; Clarissa Ybanez-5th-132lb-510lb total; Jessie Ramirez-3rd-165lb-595lb total; Paige Coté-2nd-198lb-600lb total; Gillian Estala-4th-198lb-600 total; Khali Key-5th-198lb-580lb total. Remaining team members are Zaylee Zimmerlee, Caitlin Casas, and Penelope Cruz. Team—5th place overall.
Warhorse results: Kaleb Zertuche-5th-132lb-850lb total; Steven Ramirez-4th-165lb-1,285lb total; Lucas Byrd-1st-181lb-1,300lb total; Lupe Rodriguez-10th-181lb-895lb total; Garret Carver-10th-220lb-1,010lb total; Christian Arredondo-2nd-275lb-1,330lb total. Remaining team members are Colt Seay, Diego Hernandez, DJ Dzierzanowski, and Devin Ornelas. Team—5th place overall.
By Jerel Beaty
Staff Writer