Another slow week

We had a slower than average week with 40 calls for service and 35 traffic stops. Of those stops we issued 18 warnings and 17 citations. We still have our two new officers in the field training program, they should be “cut loose” by mid-March. Once we get them out and going, we will then look to fill the single remaining vacant full-time slot.
We didn’t arrest anyone this past week and we only took two reports of property crimes. A vehicle was burglarized at the Best Western, a CD player was taken. The big crime was the report of two units that were broken into at Lytle Mini-Storage. After contacting the renters, one of them reported nothing missing and the other reported two old jackets as missing. What a sad haul for a crook to come away with two old jackets. While I guess there are a few storage units loaded with valuables, my experiences (both professional and personal) would lead me to believe that most units are full of a combination of junk and “stuff”. It is not uncommon for someone to tell us that they have had a storage unit for years and there is nothing of value in it.
It appears the City of Castroville will be looking for a new Chief of Police. So before the rumors start spreading, I want to make it clear that I am not interested in that position. I am very happy and blessed to work for the City of Lytle. It would be an unhealthy environment for me. The first time I get stressed out, I would head to Sammy’s and burry my problems in a bowl of their wonderful cheese soup or perhaps slip over to Haby’s Bakery and get lost in a few jelly filled donuts.