The little rascal

“You don’t have to kill it Tucker! That chicken and broccoli is already dead,” I say as he slams his little hands against the food on his highchair. Lately, he has this rule that he needs to beat the heck out of his food before he eats it….so the food bounces up to the high heavens and back down and all around. Half of it flies off onto the kitchen floor. You ought to see what happens when he slaps a highchair tray full of cheerios–they really fly well.
Of course this is humorous to the 8 year old big sissy, who is sitting next to him laughing, so that doesn’t discourage him any. The next thing I know she is over there with a bowl of fruit loops practicing her circus tricks…. throwing fruit loops into the air and trying to catch them in her mouth. Can’t wait ’til he tries that too!
I have a sign in the kitchen that says “Thank God for these dirty dishes…we have had so much to eat.” I think of that as I’m on my hands and knees trying to pick up all of the wreckage from Tucker’s flying food.
Thank God for this stubborn, messy little rascal child–for I prayed for him so many years!