Another “fake gold” seller

We had an average week, if there is such a thing around here. Service calls totaled 47 and we had a solid 56 traffic stops. Those stops resulted in 43 citations and 13 warnings.
Here is the rundown on arrests this past week: Sgt. Montgomery and Ofc. Pena charged a couple with possession of drug paraphernalia that was found during a traffic stop. They were cited and released. Ofc. Pena was alerted to a possible intoxicated driver, he located the suspect and she was arrested for DWI and her passenger had a warrant out of Atascosa Co. Ofc. Pena was assisted by Sgt. Hanson. It is always nice to get “two arrests for the price of one”. Lt. Dear had the last arrest of the week, the fellow had a suspended license and no insurance. As he was about to head to the jail there was an accident on Main St. and a power line had the road blocked. He called me in to transport the prisoner, I looked pretty rough. I had been cleaning out gutters and working on my swimming pool. When the jailers saw me bring that fellow in I know they were wondering which one was the prisoner and which one was the cop.
The only property crime reported was from a gentleman who was the victim of a “fake gold” seller. Our victim paid $400 for a bunch of gold that included a really nice fake Rolex. I never recommend jewelry shopping in the parking lot of a gas station….it never ends well.
This Saturday is the City’s annual Easter Eggs-Travaganza. This year it is scheduled from 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm. The egg hunt will be held at John Lott Municipal Park and is for children from ages 1 to 8. The registration fee is $1.00 or 1 canned good. The Easter Bunny will arrive at 1:00 pm and the hunt will start at 2:00 pm. There will also be food and drinks available. The notice on our website says to “bring your cameras” but I guess now that would mean to bring your phone, which everyone does now anyway. This will be the place to be on Saturday!