The spaghetti that wasn’t

So I thawed out a pack of hamburger meat when I got home from work yesterday. I was a little brain dead, and wasn’t real sure what I was going to do with the meat, but I had spaghetti on my mind. After I spent ten minutes searching for noodles in the deep, dark depths of my messy pantry, I discovered there was no tomato sauce….no matter how many times I opened and closed the pantry just hoping I would find some. By that time my husband was walking in with some groceries including a package of Hamburger helper mix so I switched modes and opened that up only to find we had no milk which is required. Finally I spotted some taco seasoning and decided to go for some crispy tacos. I found corn tortillas, a tomato, cheese, but no lettuce. That’s when I remembered….I planted lettuce in my garden and it was ready to harvest! (It’s the only thing that has actually produced so far.)
So that was kind of exciting–always feels good when all your hard work planting plants actually produces something you can eat. It was the perfect end to a long dinner in the making. It turns out tacos was just what we needed anyway!
The next morning I woke up to find my dog escaped again, and as I went to get her, the cat ran in the house. Then the cat knocked over my new cup of coffee on the table and it spilled all over the floor. Baby boy quickly jumped in the puddle to smear it all over himself. Am I stressing you out yet?
Then I went out to water my garden a little (especially the lettuce) and discovered my husband tightened the faucet too tight for me to open it again. As I leaned over holding a baby and struggling to open the faucet, my phone dropped right into the bird bath. The big splash got my shirt all wet. I set baby boy down and he takes off the shoes I just put on him…..then the dog runs off with the baby’s shoes….no I am just kidding.
Some days….. I am ready to throw in the towel before it begins. They say when life gives you lemons, make lemonade. I say when life gives you hamburger meat….make spaghetti….or hamburger helper….or tacos! Anything!