After 21 days in a coma, a miracle

Amanda Aguinaga nominated her father as her hero this week, after he overcame all the odds and beat Covid, despite a devastating prognosis.
“The doctors told us it was a true miracle. The power of prayer works,” she said.
“My father Juan Peralta entered the hospital on Dec. 7 with Covid, on the 11th he was put on the ventilator and it was not looking good. On the 15th, they told us to prepare for the worst because he was very ill. He was in a medically induced coma while the ventilator was on.”
“My family and I began praying and asking for prayers from our community. We prayed every night and they allowed us to FaceTime him even though he was asleep. They would say he could hear us so to talk to him and tell him to fight and keep fighting. We did this for 21 days.”
“Out of nowhere, our prayers were answered and my dad woke up, and the ventilator was removed. About 12 days later, my father was released from the hospital. My dad is my inspiration because he fought hard and didn’t let Covid win.”
“My daughter got it at school, and brought it home. We tested positive for Covid on November 18 and it slowly made its way through our family, ending at my dad. We all got it, but he got the worst of it.”
“The strength my father has and continues to have is amazing. When we would FaceTime and talk to him he would move a little or his heart rate monitor would start peeping rapidly and we knew he could hear us. Those moments we knew our prayers were working. I lost my daughter is 2008 and since then I have struggled with my faith in God. But after this and seeing this miracle, I firmly believe,” she adds.
Peralta has four children and 18 grandkids all happy to have him home.
“We are truly blessed he heard our prayer. Our community has been hit hard with Covid but thanks to God and all our friends and family we’ve survived it.”

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