A sad and tragic day: two bodies found in Pearson

Nine days after the shocking abduction of Devine mother Jessica Sanchez, the community is devastated to learn that two lifeless bodies were found this past Tuesday, July 9 near Pearson around 3:03 pm.

“It’s a sad day, we hoped and prayed for a different outcome,” said Sheriff Randy Brown after the discovery this past Tuesday. “We expected the worst, but we prayed for the best. Now my prayers are for Jessica’s children and family.”

Shortly before going to press Tuesday, we were notified that the two bodies were found not far from Sanchez’s abandoned car, and Devine PD as well as Medina County Sheriff’s Office were on scene.
“It’s very heartbreaking,” said Devine PD Lieutenant Chris Andrews. “Two lifeless bodies, believed to be Jessica Sanchez and Jorge Jaramillo, were found by a landowner near the area where the victim’s car was abandoned on June 30. Both families have been notified today, and the remains have been sent to the Bexar County Medical Examiner for positive ID.”
In an interview earlier this week, as the search continued, Jessica’s sister, Blasa Carrillo, commented, “One of the twins just won’t let go of me,” Blasa said with a tear in her eye. “They keep asking ‘When is mom coming back? When is mom coming home?’ What do I tell them? How do I tell them?”
She relates that she’s just at a loss for words as to how it could have come to this.
“Jara (that’s what they call him) taught one of the twins how to ride a bike, they attended all of the school events and programs together, they loved to go to the football game together, and get snacks at the fruit shop. They did everything together.”

“He recently received a kidney transplant, and my sister was with him through all of that too,” Carillo added.

Sanchez had received a Emergency Protective order this past May after she was attacked when she tried to end the relationship.

“After the incident in May, he was arrested, and she got the Protective Order against him, and we changed all the locks on her house,” Carrillo said, shaking her head. “We just didn’t think of the windows at that time…..we just didn’t think of the windows, and that’s how he got in.”

Jessica was a loving mother to three beautiful children, and so many in the community will miss her so dearly.
“They were found up underneath a tree, so I believe that’s why they weren’t spotted from the air during the search the day of the kidnapping,” Sheriff Randy Brown adds. “We had TDC hounds searching, foot searches, DPS helicopter searching the area and unfortunately she was not located.
“It’s a sad day. We hoped and prayed for a different outcome. We expected the worst but prayed for the best. Now my prayers are for Jessica’s children and her family.”
“It’s very sad, very tragic,” Lieutenant Andrews adds, with a loss for words.
Look for a more in-depth story  honoring the life of this beautiful mother next week.

On Wednesday, Lieutenant Andrews stated, “The autopsies were conducted today by the Medical Examiner’s office, and the preliminary cause of death for both individuals were gunshot wounds….The case is being investigated as a murder-suicide.”