A family of 9 comes together

Another beautiful family came together this past Tuesday, February 25th at Medina County Courthouse in Hondo. Larry and Lisa Burford, of Devine, feel both thrilled and blessed to adopt Ilyanna (8) and 3 boys Xavier(6), Caleb(4), Jordan(1).

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“We have had them for almost 2 years doing foster to adopt and we finalized everything Tuesday morning. So now we are a family of 9!” said Larry Burford. “We also have my oldest Jaieden(15), Demetrius(6), and a baby on the way, Brendan, who is due April 8th. We will have 6 boys in the house..my poor wife!”
Burford adds, “There is no greater wealth in the world than that of having children! God has placed these young souls in our home for a reason and we will follow his lead and love them as our own as they are Burford’s and we couldn’t be prouder to have them represent that name! Thank you to our support team, you know who you are… Thank you to our children Jaieden, Ilyanna, Xavier, Demetrius, Caleb, Jordan, Brendan, for allowing us to love each of you with open arms and inspiring us to be better. We are going to do everything in our power to set you up for a successful future and give you every opportunity at winning in life! We love you more than you possibly imagine!
“What else can I say… we are blessed to have this opportunity! I always knew I was here for something and I think I’m just now figuring it out. When I was younger, I said there was no way I was living in Devine, but now as I get older and have children, I see why people come back. Everything I have done in life from sports to my barbeque place, and now my children, Devine has always shown me love and supported me in all I do! There is no better place to raise children! So thank you to my community as well!”
The Burfords encouraged anyone considering adoption to move forward with it.
“Don’t let it scare you! It’s a long hard road to get to the actual adoption, but push through it, and understand that by doing so, you just may be able to save a child from a lifetime of heartache or feeling as if they have no options….. There are kids out there that need to be adopted, that have no clue who their parents are and have that void, and need people willing to give them a shot.”

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