A community standing proud….

The Mustangs and Poteet Aggies and community members proudly presented this flag at center field before last week’s game. The Mustangs are still UNDEFEATED 5-0 on the season! 

60 people proudly hold up flag at Natalia Homecoming game

“The Flag was provided by Woodman Life Lytle Chapter 406. They reached out to us and asked if we would be interested in hosting the Flag during our Homecoming Game.
Of course we jumped at the opportunity to participate. We needed a total of 60 participants to help hold the flag. I thought this would be a great way to bring current & ex-Mustangs together for a good cause. I got with Coach Graves and asked if he can have the JV boys come out to help, and then I took to Social Media and reached out to our community to get the rest of the participants. The out pour of Volunteers was amazing. We had all participants, as well as a list on “Stand-by” with-in an hour,” said Marisa Saldana, Natalia ISD Community Liaison.
“This was our first time hosting the Flag, & we hope this will not be our last. I would love to host it at least once every year, & get a tradition started in Natalia every football season, to bring our Mustang Family together, current & old, to hold the Flag during our National Anthem in honor of all our Service Men & Women. We appreciate Woodman Life for reaching out to us & allowing us to use their Flag  for such an amazing event”.