8th grade gold Fillys win home tournament, beat Poteet


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In their home tournament, the 8th grade Gold Fillys won both of their games to earn first place. Facing Natalia in their first match, they won 25-18 and 27-25. Their second match went just as well with a win over Lytle at 25-16 and 25-19. Every girl played to their full potential and never let a mistake rattle them.
“They have worked so hard to improve, and they are seeing the reward. They are communicating and playing well as a team. I am so proud of them. They deserve this tournament win.” Coach Julie Oropeza.
The Poteet Lady Aggies traveled to Devine and faced a hard loss to the 8th grade Gold Fillys. The Fillys’ improved serving game was key to this home win. Becca Mares served 8 points with 3 aces and Andrea Rios served 9 points, three of which were aces. But serving alone does not win the game and Sierra Brown’s strong arm led to 3 hits and 2 kills. Joselyn Guarjardo and Angelina Rios each had a kill also. Passing and getting the ball where it needed to be plus talking to each other rounded out this impressive victory. The final scores were 25-9 and 25-17, making the Gold Fillys season record 4-2-1 and district 2-2-1.
“These girls have worked very hard and the success they are seeing is well deserved. I am very happy they are coming together as a group.” – Coach Julie Oropeza.
By Dicy Chambers
Sports Writer