8th grade Colts stomp Bulldogs 32-8

The 8th grade Colt defense swarms Bandera’s ball carrier.

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The Colts took one combined team to face the Bandera Bulldogs last week and after the four quarters were over, the Colts won 32-8. Every time the Colts had the ball, they made impressive plays and gained yards. In the first quarter, Jaieden Burford threw to a diving Tracen Rice for the first touchdown and Aiden Zapata added two more points with the conversion.
In the second quarter, Leah Rodriguez made Colt history when she became the first girl to score a touchdown for the Colts. “This is a proud moment, not only for the coaches, but the boys and our community too,” said Coach Lon Cozby. Burford threw to Noah Fernandez for the two-point conversion. Colts lead at half time 16-0.
The third quarter had a turn over on downs and then an interception by Ryan Conner. Just two plays later Marcus Rodriguez would stiff-arm a Bulldog and then out run the rest of the defense for a 48-yard touchdown run. Then Burford found Thomas Mendoza for two more points.
Bandera finally scored in the 4th quarter after a 55-yard run and a pass for the two point conversion. “A few drives later, Aaron Sanchez blocked a punt with his facemask and tackled the punter on the two yard line,” reported Coach Cozby. Now with the Colts’ ball on the 2, Enrique Midobuche ran it in for the final touchdown. Burford found Samuel Mills in the end zone for the final two point conversion making the score 32-8.
“This game was awesome because we scored four touchdowns and added four two-point conversions. Eight different Colts were able to find the end zone. That is great team chemistry. Everyone was cheering for each other and you could feel the encouragement. To see how the kids reacted to Leah Rodriguez making history was heartwarming. I am glad to be part of something this special and noteworthy,” stated Coach Cozby.
By Dicy Chambers
Sports Writer