8th Grade Gold Colts split games, Maroon fall twice

Brian Schaefer starts a fast break.

8th Grade Gold Colts
Facing Carrizo Springs at home last week, the 8th grade Gold Colts won by over ten points. With every Colt playing hard for the win the final score was 46-34. Three 3 pointers made in the 3rd quarter helped increase their lead. Marcus Espinosa and Bob Russell lead the scoring with 10 points each, Carlos Gutierrez had 8, Joey Blanquiz 6, Charles Waddey 4, Hadyn Brumage and Kannon Ramirez 2 Jared Fernandez 2 and Bryce Winkler, Damien Arajuo and Ryan Castro contributed to the win.
Playing hard but making mistakes hurt the Gold Colts Monday night when they faced Pleasanton. Turning over the ball on bad passes lead to the Eagles making easy baskets and a final score of 46-34. “Espinosa played good trying to make things happen on fast breaks and the offensive side” said Coach Lon Cozby. Espinosa scored 9 points, Guitierrez 5, Waddey 2, Ramirez 2, and Brumage had 1 point.
8th Grade Maroon Colts
The 8th grade Maroon Colts could not keep up with the Carrizo Springs A team. Trailing by a few points at the end of each quarter the Maroon Colts fought hard to keep up with a final score of 49-36. Chris Ortiz scored 7 points, Brian Schaefer 6, Zack Rico 5, Xavier Contreras 5, Brady Hackebeil 4, Jay Solis 3, Robbie Elizondo 2, Gabriel Hewtty 2, and Hayden Dubose had 2 points.
The Maroon 8th grade Colts “played a solid game again, but missed shots that hindered us. Each game we are getting better, and what we work on in practice is carrying over into the game.” But the Colts lost 48-37. They made Pleasanton work for each basket and it was a rough game. Elizondo and Rico each scored 7 points, Schaefer, Dubose, Ortiz each had 5, Contreras and Hackebeil 3 each and Cody Trammell had 2 points. “Dubose had multiple steals on defense and had good basket cuts on offense to get some nice shots in,” said Coach Cozby.
By Dicy Chambers
Sports Writer