7th Grade Fillys beat Carrizo Springs, Pleasanton

Leah Rodriguez goes in for a layup.

7th Grade Gold
After making the long trip to Carrizo Springs, the Gold 7th grade Fillys played and beat their opponents. A final score of 19-6, the Gold Fillys played hard and aggressively.
“I was pleased with the girls in their improvement they make each game. All players showed great strides and am very excited to see them in the next game” said Coach Megan Perez. The 7th Grade Gold Fillys next game will be in the New Year on January 11 in Crystal City.
Rebecca Marres led the charge with 12 points. Ebony Garcia had 4, Leah Rodrigues 2, and Emily Stotts had 1 point.
vs Eagles
Rebecca Mares and Leah Rodriguez led the scoring with 14 points each when they played Pleasanton Monday night.
With a final score of 36-9, the Eagles were not ready to play when they got on the court.
“They all played very well and I am excited to have such a hardworking and coachable group,” said Coach Perez.
Kayley Carillo scored 2 points, Nadia Rodriguez 2, Ebony Garza 2, and Dannelly Rodriguez 2 points.
7th Grade Maroon
Starting off slow against Carrizo Springs, the Maroon 7th grade Fillys, picked up the pace to win 27-20. “The girls started out a little slow and hesistant the first half and came out fast the 2nd half. This really helped them gain momentum of the game and take the lead,” said Coach Megan Perez.
Angel Tumbarello with the help from her team scored 18 points, Neenah Guerrero had 6, Cameron Hutton 3 and Madison Cumpian scored 1 point.
vs. Eagles
Hard work and aggressive plays helped the Maroon Fillys beat Pleasanton Monday night 32-15.
“They are running plays and setting up the defense correctly, all the small fundamentals are being displayed,” said Coach Perez.
Angel Tumbarello scored 17 points, Neenah Guerrero 5, Koryann Arche 3, Cameron Hutton 3, Andrea Rios 2, and Madison Cumpean 2 points.
By Dicy Chambers
Sports Writer