8th grade Fillys vs. Carrizo Springs and Pleasanton

The 8th grade volleyball teams have won the past four games they have played against Carrizo Springs and Pleasanton.
“Due to the weather conditions on Sept. 25 we decided to play the games against Carrizo Springs to 15 points so that we could get back on the road before the storm,” Coach Shana Beaty said. “We wanted to get home no later than 7:30.”
Fillys Maroon vs. Carrizo Springs
Offensively, they had 6 aces; C. Martinez and M. Hein each with 2, and L. Herrera and D. Reyna each with 1. There were 3 hits; K. Yeats 2 and A. Pompa 1. Three girls helped assisting; Pompa 2, and L. Shook and Hein each with 1. They also had 2 kills by K. Duncan and Y. Garza.
Defensively, the girls had 7 digs; Garza and Reyna each with 2 and Martinez, Herrera, and Geyer each with 1.
“The shorter games kind of threw everyone off, but they played through it and came out with a win,” Coach Beaty said.
Fillys Gold vs. Carrizo Springs
Offensively there were 4 aces; Samantha L., Chasity R., Kendall M., and Brianna T. each with 1. One assist was made by Irene S. Two kills were made by Samantha and Mayah B.
Defensively, they had 5 digs; Chasity 2, and Ashlyn C., Kendall, and Kylee S. each with 1.
“These girls did a good job considering the situation,” Coach Beaty said. “We had a decent serving game and we were able to run the offense a couple of times that proved effective.”
Fillys Maroon vs. Pleasanton
Offensively they had 3 aces; B, Crossland 2 and Martinez 1. They had 7 total hits; D. Alvarez 5, and Yeats, and Garza each with 1. There were 11 assists; Hein 10 and Pompa 1. Also, there were a grand total of 13 kills; Alvarez and Duncan each with 4, and Reyna, Yeats, Shook, Garza, and Hein each with 1.
Defensively they were able to get 7 blocks; Alvarez 3, and Garza and Hein each with 2. They girls had 14 digs too; Martinez 6, Crossland 4, Duncan 2 and Shook and Hein each with 1.
“Our offense is really starting to take off,” Coach Beaty said. “We are going into our second round of district play and these girls better be ready because every team is out to beat Devine and we can’t let that happen!”
Fillys Gold vs. Pleasanton
Offensively these girls had 3 aces; Bailey C., Kendall, and Brianna each with 1. They were also able to get 4 hits; Samantha, Kendall, Mayah, and Brianna each with 1. There were 3 assists; Kendall 2 and Samantha 1. The same girls who assisted had 2 kills each.
Defensively they had 11 digs; Kylee 3, Emily C., Ashlyn and Kendall each with 2 and Samantha and Chasity each with 1.
“Our defense was off tonight, which is unusual,” Coach Beaty said. “But offensively, I am very happy to see that my girls did pretty good. I’m proud of the girls and this win they fought for.”
By Abby Kohlleppel
Staff Writer