8th grade Fillys take 2nd in home tournament

Macey Hein sets up Kennedy Duncan as Dylan Reyna and Aleyna Gerlach look on.

Both 8th grade volleyball teams placed 2nd at their home tournament. They won against Lytle but came up short against Hondo.
“Both teams were able to make it to the championship round and we were fired up to play,” Coach Shana Beaty said.
Fillys Maroon vs. Lytle
Offensively there were 8 aces against the Pirates; Herrera 4, and Martinez, Crossland, Hein, and Reyna each with 1. They also had 8 hits; Duncan 3, Hein, 2 and Alvarez, Yeats, Shook, and Garza each with 1. Two girls assisted Hein 5 and Pompa 4. There were 3 kills made by Duncan 2 and Shook 1.
Defensively they had 2 blocks made by Duncan and Hein. The Fillys scored 8 digs; Martinez and Reyna each with 3, and Herrera, Alvarez, Shook, and Hein each with 1.
“Lytle didn’t give up without a fight,” Coach Beaty said. “Our girls did some good things on the court offensively, but we do need to work on our serves.”
Fillys Maroon vs. Hondo
Offensively they had 16 hits; Yeats and Duncan each with 5, Hein with 2 and Martinez, Reyna, Alvarez, and Garza each with 1. They had 6 kills; Duncan 2 and Alvarez, Yeats, Shook, and Garza each with 1. They also had 6 assists; Shook and Hein with 2 each and Yeats and Pompa with 1 each.
Defensively there were 7 blocks; Garza and Hein each with 3 and Alvarez with 1. Six girls scored digs; Martinez 6, Herrera and Hein each with 3, and Crossland, Reyna, and Geyer each with 1.
“This game was tough,” Coach Beaty said. “Our defense comes through quite a bit, but our offense needs improvement.”
Fillys Gold vs. Lytle
Offensively there were 4 aces; Brianna 2 and Bailey and Chasity each with 1. They also had 2 aces made by Mayah and Brianna. Two assists were made by Jackie and Kendall and Emily and Kendall had 2 kills each.
Defensively the girls had 2 blocks made by Emily and Jenysse. There were 9 digs; Jenysse and Bailey each with 2, and Chasity, Ashlyn, Kendall, Mayah, and Brianna each with 1.
“They played well in the first game,” Coach Beaty said. “We need to pay closer attention to our positions and where we need to be when we rotate, but we were excited because this win put us in the championship bracket.”
Fillys Gold vs. Hondo
Offensively in the second game there were 2 aces made by Chasity and Brianna. They had 15 hits; Kendall 6, Mayah 5, Brianna 3 and Ashlyn 1. Two girls helped with the 8 assists; Jackie 6 and Kendall 2, while Mayah had the only kill.
Defensively they also had 4 blocks; Kendall 3 and Mayah 1. Many digs were made by the team; Chasity 7, Bailey and Ashlyn each with 3, Kendall 2, and Kylee 1.
“I was not disappointed in this loss,” Coach Beaty said. “They need this competition and were forced to play at a higher level. I am super proud of their efforts.”
By Abby Kohlleppel
Staff Writer