7th grade Fillys vs. Pleasanton

The 7th grade volleyball girls played against Pleasanton last week.
“The girls did good coming out and competing after getting third at last weekend’s tournament,” Coach Megan Perez said.
Fillys Maroon vs. Pleasanton
Offensively the Filly Maroon team had 4 aces; Avery 2, and Amber and Korynn each with 1. There were 6 hits; Korynn 4 and Bailey and Zoe each with 1. There were 2 assists made by Amber and one kill by Korynn.
Defensively two girls had a block each; Kristina and Korynn.
“These girls fought hard against Pleasanton,” Coach Perez said. “They showed moments of greatness, but also some confusion. We’ll be practicing our mental strength for our next competition.”
Fillys Gold vs. Pleasanton
Offensively the Filly Gold team had 8 aces; Leah 4, Yesenia 3 and Andrea 1. Five hits were scored by Joselyn 3, and Emily and Leah each with 1.
Defensively one block was made by Leah and 1 dig by Rebecca.
“We have greatly improved on our transitions, which has helped us play better volleyball,” Coach Perez said. “I know we will continue to work hard to prepare for the next game.”
By Abby Kohlleppel
Staff Writer